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Soha was born in Bangladesh and had her upbringing in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Millennium Brooklyn High school. Her activities revolved around leadership roles, being artistic, and volunteering at the Brooklyn Public Library, which shaped her interest in the business field. During her high school, she was president of the National Honor Society, Founder of the Multimedia Art Club, debater, and graphic designer for the school’s Yearbook. While at the Brooklyn Library, she was a part of Today’s Teens, Tommorow’s Techies (T4), Pratt Institute’s data literacy project, and Youth Council Member. Soha is currently a freshman in Cornell University, pursuing her interest in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.


Archi, originally from Bangladesh, moved to New York City at age four. Her middle school biology teacher, Dr. Bain, ignited her passion for science. Inspired by Dr. Bain's dedication to helping others and her own experience of losing both her teacher and grandmother to cancer, Archi vowed to make a meaningful difference in the fight against the disease.  She attended Manhattan Hunter Science High School and now studies biochemistry and public health at NYU. Archi is on the pre-med track, training as a medical assistant, and actively volunteers with cancer-related organizations. Her ultimate goal is to honor her teacher's legacy by becoming a physician with a Ph.D. in molecular oncology.


Chayti was born in Bangladesh, and grew up in Queens, New York. She attended Townsend Harris High School. She is currently exploring between neuroscience and psychology with hopes of double minoring in Linguistics and Education Studies at Hamilton College. After taking a college course in Linguistics in her senior year of high school, she was deeply fascinated by this realm of study. She is enthralled in helping youth with speech, alongside teaching youth in the future. Outside of her studies, she is part of the Hamilton Women's Rowing Team, and is also the Student Organizations Chair of Hamilton College's Student Government Alliance. In her free time, she enjoys exploring different places, eating different cuisines, and meeting new people. 


Nidhi, whose family had immigrated from India, was raised in Queens, New York. She received an advanced regents diploma after attending the Academy of American Studies. She explored a variety of her passions during high school and undertook internships as a manager, tour guide, glassblower, painter, and more. In order to assist her peers in finding their own interests, she guided members of the STEM club as president. She continues to embark on her journey to explore her passions at Binghamton University but she is certain that she wants to pursue a career in health / STEM.

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